Advanced Lubricant Product Technology

ENEOS ItalSing is one of the market leaders in the supply of advanced lubricant product technology with a full range of premium products specially formulated with high quality base stocks and additives. We have the products and services to meet your market needs and we seek to be your Partner by Choice.

Our wide range of products include:


Our product ranges from passenger car to commercial fleet’s turbo engine application comprising top of the range API and SAE specifications lubricants using Group I to V base stocks. We have the lubricants (mineral or synthetic) to meet your market needs for the best performance application throughout the whole region under all climate conditions.


We specialize in supplying a full range of carefully formulated high-end hydraulic oil, compressor oil, turbine oil, automotive and industrial gear oil, STOU, chain oil, metal working fluids, greases and many others in meeting your special needs.

Marine crankcase

We offer a wide range of marine diesel engine lubricants designed for trunk piston engine and cylinder use under various applications.

Transmission Fluids

In meeting the needs of modern day vehicles, we designed and improvised top of the range automatic transmission fluids capable of long life transmission performance in the automatic gearbox under the most severe service.


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