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Automotive Lubricants

We are committed to work with our customers today and tomorrow toward sustainability, recognizing energy transformation is here and to pro-actively manage sustainable products and services of the future.

Automotive Lubricants

Lubricants are made from base oils, either mineral or synthetic, which are obtained through distilling or laboratory treatments. They can be divided into four groups based on oil purity. Additives, ranging from 10-30% of the base oil’s composition, enhance properties like friction reduction, viscosity improvement, and deposit management. Lubricants are formulated with specific additives and base oils for specific applications.

Use of Lubricants

  • Engine oils – maintaining a clean, rust-free engine, enhancing fuel efficiency, performance, engine life, and reducing emissions.
  • Gear oils – developed with high-viscosity base oils and selective additives, are primarily used in automobile gearboxes to provide superior protection against high mechanical pressure.
  • Hydraulic oil – transfer hydrostatic power in hydraulic machinery.

A good lubricant is essential for any machine, and frequent changes are recommended by the manufacturer for optimal performance.