Blending Facilities

Tankage and Terminalling Facilities

Filling Facilities


Flexible Facilities to serve you better

ENEOS ItalSing has built a reputation for service and delivery in Asia Pacific. Continuous improvement projects implemented from the start up of the Plant have increased capacity and flexibility of our Plant. Today, our plant is one of the most flexible in the region with capacity to blend and pack lubricants to the highest product specifications in the industry.


Our blending facilities include a wide range of blending kettles of various sizes to maximize batch processing making small volume multi-product delivery possible.

  • A total of sixteen blending tanks ranging from 3 mt to 40 mt in capacity.
  • Blending tanks are designed to handle wide range of product specifications.
  • Ability to optimize minimum order quantity requirements.



Our tankage facility is connected to Jurong Port, a key bulk and conventional cargo gateway in Singapore, with 23 berths serving over 7,000 vessels every year.

  • Our blending facility is supported by 13,000 mt of base oil storage tanks and 7 additive tanks.
  • A total of 10 base oil tanks are available for storage of Group I to Group V basestocks to support our production and ensuring security of supply at competitive costs.
  • Bulk shipment of base oils can be received from ocean-going vessels of up to 35,000 dwt with maximum of 11.2 m draft at Jurong Port.
  • Two 8-inch piggable underground pipelines link our tank farm to Jurong Port.



Our packaging facility is equally flexible to cater to a very wide range of packaging required by our customers. Our packaging lines can handle 250mL bottles to 209L drums. For bulk loading, we are able to load 1,000L IBC to tank-trucks, ISO Containers and Flexibags.

Our filling facilities include:

  • 3 small-pack lines for 250mL to 5L packaging
  • One pail line to handle 10 L to 20 L metal and plastic pails.
  • Two drumming lines capable of filling 50 L to 209 L drums
  • Dedicated filling machines for Brake fluid and Coolant are also available
  • Loading facility for 1000L IBC or tote-tanks is also available
  • Truck loading facility can handle road tankers, ISO tanks and Flexibag loading.


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