Our customers can be assured of the highest quality in products. To support flexible manufacturing and the demand for variety of products, ENEOS ItalSing Quality Assurance Laboratory is one of the best equipped in the lubricant industry.

ENEOS ItalSing products undergo the latest laboratory testing and quality control procedures to meet the most stringent requirements. Following are some of Laboratory equipment that are used to support day-to-day activities and for basic formulation development and modification:

  • Auto and Manual Viscosity tester
  • Automatic Cold Cranking Instrument
  • Fourier Transmitted Infrared Spectrometer
  • Inductively Coupled Plasma
  • Auto-titrators for Total base number and Total acid number
  • Foaming Characteristic tester
  • Demulsibility tester
  • Auto Densitometer
  • Pour point tester
  • Flash point (COC and PMCC)

Some of the customer support activities that are key points for our customers:

  • Formulation development/modification
  • Pilot blend samples for Customer’s new projects
  • Used oil analysis
  • Product technical support

ENEOS ItalSing laboratory participates in the ASTM Cross Check Program to ensure that test results are accurate and reliable. In addition to this, most laboratory equipment are also on the Statistical Quality Assurance program. All equipment are constantly checked and calibrated to ensure that they operate within the ASTM limits.

Priorities are also given to the training of Quality Control personnel to upgrade their skills and technique in order to provide a consistently high level of quality control and assurance.

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