Our Commitment

ENEOS ItalSing recognizes the competitive alternative of outsourcing in the lubricants industry where quality and on-time delivery matters. As Asia’s Premier Lubricants Contract Manufacturer, we are in the best position to look after your manufacturing needs. This frees up your valuable resources to focus on other important areas such as product development, marketing and customer service in a rapidly changing market.

Leverage On Us

ENEOS ItalSing manages and maintains strict customer independence and confidentiality. We are committed to deliver superior customer service, product quality and efficiency:

Welcome To ENEOS ItalSing!
Our RELIABLE SERVICES, QUALITY PRODUCTS and MODERN FACILITIES allow us to provide you with customised solutions that address your specific needs.
We have what it takes to be Asia's Premier Lubricant Contract Manufacturer.
Our Vision:
To be the Partner by Choice in the Lubricant Industry.