Corporate Profile

ENEOS ItalSing is a joint venture between ENEOS Oil & Energy Asia Pte Ltd (55%), ENI International B.V. (22.5%), Singapore Petroleum Company (22.5%)

ENEOS ItalSing is committed to be the Premier Lubricant Contract Manufacturer in the region by providing quality products and services to achieve total customer satisfaction. Since our start up in 1993, our track record of flexible service, quality and timely on-demand delivery has become our hallmark of excellence.

Our key success factor is partnership for a win-win relationship with our customers. The ENEOS ItalSing Team is trained to ensure that Customers get consistent quality products and services all the time.

The ENEOS ItalSing product quality is recognized throughout Asia Pacific. Our one-stop service allows Customers to focus on marketing and sales and to grow their business. You can leave all your manufacturing needs to us.

Equipped with flexible production facilities, state-of-the-art laboratory and a highly trained professional team, ENEOS ItalSing is able to meet your needs and your customers' specific demands.

Contact us to find out how we can assist you in the background, while you take the credit of your customers' success, or read more about our reliable services, quality products and complete facilities.


To be The Partner by Choice In The Lubricant Industry.


To Excel as The Premier Lubricant Contract Manufacturer In Asia

Quality Policy

To be the Partner by Choice though superior Customer Value and continually improving the effectiveness of our Quality Managment System.

Welcome To ENEOS ItalSing!
Our RELIABLE SERVICES, QUALITY PRODUCTS and MODERN FACILITIES allow us to provide you with customised solutions that address your specific needs.
We have what it takes to be Asia's Premier Lubricant Contract Manufacturer.
Our Vision:
To be the Partner by Choice in the Lubricant Industry.